It’s time to get America back on its feet. We cannot allow a virus to stop the most powerful nation in the world. It is a shame that leadership from Hawaii abdicated on this issue when it mattered most. Their fear led them to a position of weakness. This was a moment when strong and smart leadership could have made a real difference in people’s lives. They didn’t want anyone to blame them for anything so they simply did exactly what “the experts” told them to do. This led to the collapse of Hawaii’s economy and to the deaths of many. 


Evidence from all over the world has shown that lockdowns and masks had no impact on the health of the population. Infection and death rates are not better in lockdowned and masked places versus those that aren’t. Treatments were never authorized and people died because of this. Several protocols were found to work in countries all over the world, and yet, in Hawaii, doctors have not been allowed to prescribe. This is what weak and uninformed leadership can cost a community. It is tragic and it can never happen again. As a medical provider I have the knowledge to make good decisions on questions of public health. As a retired Commander I have the experience making tough decisions that impact people’s lives. Not everyone is cut out to be in a role with so much responsibility, and they fold when everyone needs them most. Those people need to be removed from leadership. 


The current administration thanks our brave men and women who served beside me in combat by kicking them out. Thousands are denied religious exemptions for refusing the vaccine for a virus to which they already have natural immunity. This is wrong and we must restore their honor.


Countries like India and certain African nations have successfully combated COVID-19 through off-label use of drugs approved for other diseases. We must not let pharmaceutical companies and those who benefit from their payoffs control how medicine has been practiced in the United States for decades.


I will work to make sure individuals with preexisting conditions are protected when Obamacare is fully repealed and a new system is implemented. This will also advocate for policies that will allow for transparency and true competition in healthcare (not just health insurance) driving costs down.

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