Despite what the current Administration is telling us, the American economy is not strong. The unprecedented level of money creation (6 Trillion in one year) has triggered inflation that we haven’t seen since the 1970’s. Of course this ONLY hurts the middle class and the poor. Our dollars buy less now. In fact, at the current rate of inflation we will have to work for 12 months this year to earn what we made in 11 months last year. Food and gas prices are crushing all of us. All of us EXCEPT the rich and powerful. When inflation goes up the rich and powerful buy assets that benefit from more money in the system. They buy real estate and other “hard” assets that protect them from the erosion of the buying power of the dollar. On TV, when we are listening, they will say that inflation is terrible and something must be done, but in reality they don’t care because it doesn’t affect them.

We have seen Millionaires and Billionaires, many of whom are politicians of both parties by the way, continue to support this absurd amount of money creation. We have to ask ourselves why. The answer is because they benefit directly from the creation of money. When the Fed creates money they literally put it on the balance sheet of a few banks. Yes, these banks get money for nothing. Then it is their job to get that money into circulation. How do they do that? Loans. Who do they loan to? Millionaires and Billionaires because they are the people that have the relationships with the banks. They also support projects that politicians want supported to make sure they retain their privileged position at the trough. This is why we have seen an ever widening gulf between the haves and the have nots. The game is fixed and the ruling class holds all the cards.


When I get to Congress I will call this out at every opportunity. I will be a voice for republicans, democrats and independents alike that are suffering, because our ruling class has their boot on our necks. Regular people can take back power through the ballot box, and I am going to lead my fellow citizens in that direction. 


We must get America back to work. We must encourage Americans to return to work and to do so uninhibited by arbitrary and unconstitutional mandates.


Cutting taxes must happen in conjunction with cutting frivolous spending.  We must work tirelessly to stem the flood of out-of-control spending before it’s too late.


Congress’ main job is to balance the budget, but it has failed to do so for years. We cannot prosper as a nation if our government cannot work within its means the same way American families live within their means. Government is to be an advocate of business friendly policies that create good paying jobs in a business friendly climate.


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