Hawaii must protect our ocean and our culture of; surfing, paddling, kiting, fishing, boating, and tourism for future generations. At the same time, we must have low cost energy so we can all afford to continue to live here. Many people believe that respecting the environment, and caring about climate change are incompatible with the use of fossil fuels, and other low cost energy sources. This is simply not true. It is a narrative pushed by the “clean energy” lobby, and supported by retired politicians making millions of dollars telling the rest of us that the only way to save the planet is to reduce carbon emissions to zero. 

When people are asked if they care about climate change most say yes. However, when they are asked if they would be willing to live like it is the 1700’s again they are much less supportive. What they aren’t told, by those that are pushing for an end to fossil fuels, is that alternative sources of energy are nowhere near being able to supplant fossil fuels at the same cost. This is a critical distinction that is left unsaid. Anyone trying to move our country off fossil fuels by trying to drive up the cost of traditional fuels is making America weak and vulnerable. Low cost energy has been the driver of the most dramatic civilizational advancement ever. All advancements in standards of living and reductions in poverty and disease are a direct result of the discovery and widespread distribution of low cost energy. 

What the ruling class, and those that benefit financially from the fear based policies being promoted today, don’t tell you is that we can continue to advance civilization with low cost energy, AND work to develop cleaner sources. They have set up a false choice, and we are falling for it. We are also paying the price for it, as usual. Gas and food prices are through the roof because we are no longer energy independent. We are at the mercy of foreign actors when it comes to energy, but we don’t have to be. When I am elected I will fight for the American people. I will expose the lie that is the false choice between saving the planet and being able to afford the necessities of life. We can integrate the use of clean fuels while we lower emissions, AND keep costs low by allowing for the unfettered production of both. We must fight the narrative being promulgated by the ruling class.



We are currently seeing the results of bad energy policy. The current leadership’s refusal to allow energy companies to produce energy in America has led directly to us having to pay more everyday just to live. Why do they do this? Because it doesn’t affect them. They have enough wealth (paid to them by us) that the rise in groceries and gas doesn’t really make a difference in their lives. It is only when you are talking to people that have to make their paycheck stretch every week that you see who really pays for their policy privilege. These leaders can talk in high minded ways about the importance of clean energy when it doesn’t affect their ability to put food on the table, but for us, for everyday people, we don’t have that luxury. We must decide every day what we will spend our money on, and how we will make it last to the next payday. If our leaders cared about that, they wouldn’t be promoting policies that put billions of dollars in their donors’ pockets at our expense.




Being dependent on foreign countries for our energy makes us incredibly vulnerable. Wars are fought over resources. When America produces enough of its own resources we have one less reason to be at odds with other countries. Our rulers don’t intend to have their loved ones fight in these wars so they are less concerned with the consequences. When I get to Congress I will fight for sensible energy policy. America will meet its own energy needs and much of what the world needs. Natural gas is a far cleaner replacement for foreign coal (the largest source of energy worldwide) than any other alternative, including wind and solar. Our ruling class never accounts for the energy needed to build the equipment that makes wind and solar possible. When you factor that in it is far from clean.

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