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There has been decades and decades of one-party rule in the State of Hawai’i. It’s time to bring a balance of power back.  We all long for bringing a genuine sense of fairness and integrity back into our government. We need leaders that remember whom they serve. We need public SERVANTS that respect the deep and rich traditions of the people’s and culture of Hawai’i.

We have all seen and felt the effects of a steady stream of news stories centering around investigations, resignations, arrests, and general loss of confidence.   

I too have felt this terrible trend. It has been a powerful motivating factor in my decision to not ease into retirement, but rather SERVE to the end, FIGHT to the end.

The Party in power loves to shape and share a false narrative of anyone who is not in lockstep with their ideologies and policies. It’s long-held and effective tactic of dividing, shaming and cancelling. They have secured their power positions and are not eager to give them up.  

My 41 years in the Military (both Officer and Enlisted) has taught me the value of good leadership, teamwork and effective strategies for overall improvement.

I was a US Navy SEAL, known for their grit and determination against all odds. We operate in extremely difficult environments and in the face many who anticipate fail. I’ve been in many places around the Globe and in many extreme situations. I know how to evaluate a situation, determine the best course of action and foster teamwork to accomplish goals that seemed insurmountable. Failure was not an option because the lives of the men and women that served with me, often depended on it. 

Don’t lose Heart, Carry on, Never Quit, Care about your People, Know the Mission, Execute the Mission are but a few things that represent the ethos I have learned from great leaders around me.

I will take the lessons I have learned, along with the experience and the passion to accomplish the mission with me to Congress. I plan on being a powerful voice to serve the people of Hawai’.  I plan on sponsoring legislation that benefit the people, not the line the pockets of career politicians and their friends.

I am committed to continue to serving our State and our Country for the benefit of all Hawaiians and All Americans. We all deserve better and I will not Fail our People.

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