Conrad Kress for Congress

Going After the Police | Not the Criminals: Exhibit E

Crime is rising with more and more Police Officers leaving their jobs every day. Recruiting and training their replacements in a massive problem. Why is this happening? There has been a disturbing trend to “demonize” the Police for any number of reasons. To make matters worse, too many Politicians minimize the conduct of the criminals while dismissing the needs of the actual victims. The Media has been selling the “Defend The Police” and stirring up the division between the Citizens and Law Enforcement.

Before you buy into the narrative, do your own research and develop your own conclusions. Small business owners, homeowners and host of others see the effects of these ideas firsthand on a daily basis.

Violent Crimes Increased 67.9%

Major Cities Chiefs Association – Violent Crime Survey
Homicide up 36.4%
Rape: Up 21.4%
Robbery: Up 18.9%
Aggravated Assault: Up 2.5%

What has changed? A strong message from too many Politicians that the Police are the Problem and not their polices and weak commitment to the law-abiding citizens they are supposed to be representing.

Ed Case voted for H.R. 1280

This Bill takes away much of the protection a Police Officer needs in order to function without fear of unnecessary
reprisal for carrying out their duties. It comes down on the side of the criminals, not those that serve to protect our
society on a daily basis.

Conrad recognizes the People’s desire to change course on all this. The people in the neighborhoods are tired of the situation.

See Neighborhood Commission Office – Neighborhood Board Resolution on the Matter

Conrad Kress has been endorsed by the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO) for his
outward support of Law Enforcement and their important service in our everyday lives.

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