National security

Before we send brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen into harm’s way, we must give them the tools to win.


War is indiscriminate of race, gender or orientation because it is the great equalizer. America has never been attacked when it was strong, but when it was weak. Our military’s sudden focus on social programs takes away from training our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen to be the best trained forces in the world. I will lead in getting our military refocused on what makes them strong. Leadership will have to change. 

America is facing an uncertain future, because of the weakness of our political leaders. The most important geopolitical threat we face today is the Communist Party of China’s adventurism disguised as economic aid. The CCP’s “Belt and Road” initiative was designed to bring foreign countries under their influence through economic means. For most of this century they have been making loans to foreign countries to build infrastructure projects. When the countries default on the loans China gains a forward operating base. Of particular note is the island country of Kiribati. They are currently building, with Chinese money, an extended aircraft runway on the Canton Atoll. This atoll is 1800 miles from Hawaii and within range of Chinese war planes. The CCP will be using this airstrip for military purposes.

We need someone in Congress that understands this issue like I do. In my 41 years of service as a Navy SEAL, and a Physician’s Assistant, I was assigned missions in nearly every country in this region. I am intimately familiar with this theater of operation and the intentions of the CCP. 

Along with general readiness, we must ensure that Hawaii is protected in particular. All of America benefits from our strategic geographical position in the Pacific, but it also makes us a target. Living in Hawaii for 30 years, when not deployed or assigned, has given me considerable insight on our preparedness and that of our military forces, and I would lead on day one to ensure that Hawaii is a priority of our Defense agencies. 


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