No Cash Bail

Dems wrote, signed, and almost passed No Cash Bail which put criminals back on the streets instantly. The lawmaker who introduced bail reform bill now asking Ige to veto it. Are they just catering to the new voter of the day?

We’ve had non stop corruption in the building permit office and jail systems. The FBI had to intervene because our Dems won’t investigate nor prosecute their own. Good Police Officers feel helpless.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The lawmaker who introduced a bill that would allow some non-violent defendants to be free without bail as they await trial is now asking the governor to veto it.

State Rep. Scot Matayoshi says the bill was introduced to address unfairness within the bail system.

None of the four police departments in Hawaii submitted testimony against the legislation.

But as soon as it passed, there was quite a bit of opposition that wasn’t presented during the public hearing process.

Police input could have made a difference in hotly-debated bail reform bill, experts say

If approved by the governor, the bill would allow those who commit certain crimes such as shoplifting, property damage and theft to leave custody without bail.

After hearing from opponents of House Bill 1567, Matayoshi now agrees the bill was too broad.

“Maybe what we need to do is to come back with a bill that instead of creating exemptions creates or enumerates the exact crimes that this bill will apply to so we can avoid any of the ones that might endanger the public in the future,” he said.

Lee Curran, of Faith Action for Community Equity, said there is common ground to be found.
“We do realize that we need to do a whole lot more around educating the public,” Curran said.

The governor said he hasn’t yet reviewed Matayoshi’s request for a veto.

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