One team, one Fight!


Rather than position ourselves and request the voters to support more individual “politicians” seeking their own fame and fortune; it’s time those running for Office see themselves and act as Statesmen. 

What is the difference?
A career politician pursues their own interests. A statesman or stateswoman one the other hand is a respected, skilled and experienced  leader who focuses in on building a legacy for everyone, building for others. In most respects a statesman is the opposite of a politician.

At this time, many new figures are rising to a call to push back at what we are all seeing and suffering.  We should strive as much as possible to create unity amongst ourselves. The people themselves must move with passion, empowered by strong knowledge of their own History and the Constitution. We to act as one, as a movement, an agent for positive change.

We must root out corruption, nepotism, fraud, waste and abuse at every turn.

Let’s stand together as community, as a State, and as a Nation.

Thank you for your Support.

Mahalo Nui Loa


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