Shortage of Medical Staff

Shortage of 800 medical staff. Hospitals are no hiring High School students with zero experience. And High Schools are focused on common core teach for the test instead of job skills that our State desperately needs.

HONOLULU (KITV4) — To combat Hawaii’s ongoing doctor shortage, Gov. David Ige signed two bills into law Thursday intended to expand medical education and training in Hawaii. 

“We are really looking at ways that we can attract and encourage and keep health care professionals to serve our communities,” Ige said during a bill signing ceremony. 

Physician workforce data shows Hawaii has a shortage of about 750 health care workers compared to areas with similar populations across the country. Additionally, the federal government has designated neighbor islands as medically underserved. 

One of the bills Ige signed, SB 2657, allocates $4 million to medical residency training in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs and $2.7 million for medical residency training in counties with a population of 500,000 or less.

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