Inflation: The Case Against Case – Exhibit D

Inflation reduction act???

The Federal Government has a significant role in determining how hard inflation hits us one way or the other.

DC legislators (Ed Case included) in lock step with Joe Biden have gone on an unprecedented spending spree under the guise of the Build Back Framework\“Infrastructure Law”.

From there a deceptively named Bill, “The Inflation Reduction Act” was also passed. Inside that package of empty promises, BILLIONS of dollars to were assigned to “fight against climate change”. This is called “BAIT AND SWITCH”.

Ed Case is no Fiscal Conservative. Fiscal Conservatives believe in: reduced government spending, free markets, privatization, free trade, tax cuts wherever possible, and minimal government debt. None of these attributes can be assigned to Ed Case’s voting record.

The graph below is proof enough things are not going well.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

No matter how many ways it may be spun, we feel it at the pump, at the grocery store, travel and purchasing the necessary goods and services to live out our lives. With this Administration, it’s inflation by design.

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